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June 15th, 2012 - UK Baby Shows News

Hello everyone, as usual, we’re not getting round to updating the blog as often as possible at the moment, because we’re so busy! But it’s been a strange old day here at UK Baby Shows HQ.

As you’ll all know, we pride ourselves on the fact that UK Baby Shows is a place where people – exhibitors and visitors alike, can find information out, contribute on good or bad experiences and, share their opinions.

We’ve been asked by UK Baby and Toddler Shows to take down their listings on our website. And we don’t like to do this, because we know that people want a right of reply, a place to comment and contribute on their experiences with Baby Show organisers. So this is your opportunity instead, to let us know what you are thinking, what you liked, didn’t like, what the visitor numbers were like and how you’ve found their Shows. This is as a visitor or exhibitor. We’ve seen plenty of commentary on their sales team on Facebook, in various groups, but what else have you seen?

They are established in the Wedding Fair market, so they know what they are doing. Which is why we are confused that they wanted their listing taking down – apparently it’s to do with dates being wrong, but they don’t want them updating and also that they are changing their logo. Can anyone else advise or help us out? It just doesn’t make sense!

As far as we know, there have been events, or events are happening in Bristol, Cardiff, Chester, Leeds and Sheffield. Has anyone been? What did you think?

Liz Weston

UK Baby Shows