What to look forward to in the World of Baby Shows for 2012 and beyond……..

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Suzanne Borrell, founder of the BabyExpoUK brand and Communications Director for What’s On 4 with business partner WO4 founder and MD Sam Willoughby (and combined children) talks about:

What to look forward to in the World of BabyShows for 2012 and beyond……..

  • Definitely the rise of the ‘Nearly New’ Show – we have already seen a swift emergence of these locally and even nationally. The NCT have of course been running ‘Nearly New Sales’ for a significant time, benefiting from a fabulous database of new parents and parents-to-be, volunteer labour and sometimes discounted venue rates due to their charitable status – it will be interesting to see how these new events will be able to compete, especially if the market becomes too saturated (which we think it will).
  • Emergence of more 2 day babyshows – exhibitors are increasingly finding the time and cost investment for a one day show is not proving sufficient value to justify their attendance.
  • Venues – as venues continue to struggle as shows in general are postponed or cancelled during these harsh economic times, organisers we should be putting the pressure on them to offer the best rates possible in order to pass savings on to clients and retain our competitive edge.
  • Continued consumer demand – people are still having babies! Despite the economic climate, many parts of the UK are seeing consistently increasing birth rates! What visitors are seemingly more reluctant to do is to spend on high ticket prices and endure longer journeys to events and, once onsite, are likely to barter harder with exhibitors. This is where the regional baby show can come in to its own as long as it can boast the range of exhibitors and offer easy access.

But what about the market generally…there’s no doubt it’s been a tough couple of years and we are not out of the woods yet. The sector has an exciting time ahead with significant world class events before us – not least the Queen’s Jubilee and the Olympic Games – bringing more pressure on the calendar, more demand for press coverage and more competition for visitor attention!

Mid 2012 is when our industry experts generally feel we will return to profitable business (according to Exhibition News) but retail shows are expected to continue to feel the squeeze. Stephen Brooks, Chairman of the AEO (The Association of Event Organisers) predicts 2012 will be even more of a challenge for exhibitors as they face further cost cuts as the UK prepares for another economic downturn.

Future – the future is still bright however for those strong, content-rich, exciting shows with organisers who can move with the times, embrace new technologies and ride the storm. The likely loss of Earls Court could also have an interesting impact on the future for us…..unless industry can persuade Mr Johnson otherwise…watch this space……

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