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The Baby Show blog: An update

Hello eveyone, we’ve just put live, more than 50 blog posts that used to live on our old website. They are now there but they need photos, logos and information putting in them where the coding hasn’t quite worked.

Please be patient with us whilst we get this all sorted. We could have ditched the blogs in the move but we know how valuable people find them, so we’re sticking with it and manually fixing all of them whenever we get the opportunity to.

Thank you for your patience. Look forward to lots of reviews of recent baby shows, baby fairs and baby exhibitions soon :)


The UK Baby Shows blog on: Moving 53 blog posts!

Every review of every baby show is important to us, so we’re taking the time to copy and paste all 53 of them manually, and to copy the images and links over just as they were on the old site. Unfortunately, that’s going to take us a bit of time, as the old site didn’t have a wordpress or blog functionality. So please bear with us whilst we get it all up and running.

We love your opinions, reviews and thougths on baby shows, so please let us know if you’ve got something you want to write or rant about, as we’d love to share it with the baby show and wider uk baby shows community….


Liz Weston reviews her first week running UK Baby Shows

Liz Weston AvatarI thought, as the new girl, that I should report in at the end of my first week with…. So here goes…

For anyone who doesn’t know me, I’m Liz Weston aka @cambridgemummy on twitter. I have a couple of other businesses – The New Baby Guides which I work on with NHS Maternity Units and Weston Communications which provides award winning PR, Marketing and Communications services, mainly to businesses in the pregnancy, baby, parenting and families sectors.

I’ve also run my own fair share of Baby Shows through and now that I’ve taken on UK Baby Shows, I’m going to have to find a useful purpose for that site so I’m open to your suggestions for it!

Although it doesn’t look like anything has changed on the website, there’s been a lot of activity this week – we’ve been debating setting up the new website with the facility for us to sell tickets to enter Baby Shows which are registered on our website. In practise, it’s proven really complicated so we’ve parked it for now.

We’re also re designing the website, and adding the functionality so stallholders at Baby Shows can join the site – then the general public who are coming will be able to find them and check them out before an event. And Show Organisers will be able to see who is interested in exhibiting at Baby Shows near their venues.

We’re also adding other functionality and we’ll be looking for testers as we go forwards, so keep an eye out for requests – we’re grateful to you all for the help we’ve had this far and with your continued support, we’ll be able to do even more…

So that’s my update for now. I’ll let you know more about website progress and other plans at the end of next week, but if you have any ideas for the sorts of things you’d like to see us doing with the site or for you via twitter and or facebook, please let me know by emailing

Have a good weekend, Liz | 01223 501520