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Meonshore Studio reviews the Hampshire Baby and Toddler Exhibition

Meonshore Studio Reviews Hampshire Baby and Toddler ShowWritten by Mike French from Meonshore Studios

Posted 28th November 2010

Meonshore Studio Stand at Hampshire Baby and Toddler ExhibitionWow! The Hampshire Baby and Toddler Show at the City Cruise Terminal in Southampton was a great show. We were situated on Stand B8 showcasing our fine art newborn baby photography and didn’t really stop talking to mums, dads and parents-to-be all day.I just wanted to say a massive thanks to everyone that stopped at the stand and spoke about the images they saw, and also the quality of the photography and our products. Our stand featured a large canvas wrap, two large fine art framed prints and a selection of smaller desk and wall products to showcase our photography. Judging by the number of newborn photography packs we handed out, and the information on our childrens and family photography I can only say that the show was a great success for us in raising some awareness of our work to a wider audience. I’m very much looking forward to photographing some of the vistors precious little babies when they arrive, or indeed their new families.

With something like 1200-1300 visitors I also offer thanks to Dream Event Management the organisers of the event who did a superb job with the venue, layout and space, shell scheme for the stands, quality of exhibitors and sheer volume of attendees. It was also lovely to meet and see Freckles Rock and Baby Loves Shopping, my neighbours, and Babybond 4D scanning. From the moment the doors opened until very close to the end of the show people were walking around the stands. There was an excellent mix of parents to be, newly born babies and toddlers to see the wide range of baby related products, services and information. Credit must also go to the organisers for ensuring a good mix of exhibitors, and a reasonable amount of each type.

We had a huge number of competition entries, and the winner has been contacted and announced and they will be receiving a complementary newborn portrait session and £50 credit towards purchases.

I’m already looking forward to next years show.

MammaMcCann does the Hampshire Baby and Toddler Show

MammaMcCann reports on what visitors want at a baby showWritten by Chelle McCann from MammaMcCann

Posted 26th November 2010

Now Mamma McCann went to a Baby Show in Brighton a few months ago. So when I saw an exhibitor I met previously looking for a hand at the Hampshire Baby and Toddler Show I thought why not, let’s give it a go from a mummy bloggers perspective.

Eager to see the big world of Baby Shows from the other side I made arrangements with Jo from Baby Loves Shopping via text, email and phone calls. I’d met Jo just twice but had built up a lovely twitter friendship so knew I’d be ok with her as company throughout the day. I mean it was all about the nattering……well isn’t it?

I was mistaken. The companies that exhibit have long working days. Jo travelled from 4:30am for a 6am Brighton pick up having already done a journey to Southampton and back the day before. We got to the venue around 7:30am and rather than have time to relish that first morning coffee ours went cold while we set up. Lugging boxes while my baby was still having sleepy cuddles in bed with Daddy it amazed me how many mums do this, how difficult it is to be pulled away from family life and the first smiles of the day.

With our stand set up there was limited time to speak to other exhibitors but I managed to catch up quickly with two other mummies I’d met online @babysigningmum and @babytod_sharon. A quick loo break and a much needed second coffee meant we were ready for doors open and my oh my was it busy! I felt thrown in at the deep end although I knew Jo’s products and had reviewed some of them. I tried selling but as I relaxed as I started to show my review experience and explain to other mums products that we had loved – the Snugbaby, the Totseat (which I’m reviewing this week!), Mama Jewels and found that it felt easy when you knew and trusted a product, to show a valid opinion.

I had a quick break for lunch, watching a reusable nappy catwalk and went back to it. Not so busy in the afternoon but lots of chatter and selling to mums and mums to be.

The event ended at 4pm then there came reboxing and loading up the stock into the car. We stopped at a roadside café and talked over the day before I was driven home to Brighton where Jo would drop me off and get a rest from my yapping!

I got home not long after 7pm. A new friendship forged, tired but grateful of the experience. It was not what I’d call an easy day at the office. These mumpreneurs certainly work hard to support their families – long hours and hard labour to provide a better life and home/work balance for their selves and children.

I suppose what sums it up for me is when speaking to Gav about the day it made me question my approach to reviewing – I get to keep lovely items at their cost, my gain and their loss, products that these mums work hard to make or stock, it makes me tearfully happy that they put so much trust in them and me, they sometimes make a loss but all in all they work so hard and it’s all for the kids.

Tidy Trays: Trade and consumer baby shows

Tidy Trays Consumer and Trade Baby ShowsWritten by Kerri from Tidy Trays UK

Posted 7th November 2010

In the last 6 weeks I have gone from never exhibiting at any baby shows to exhibiting at The Baby Show for Trade and The Baby Show Earls Court.  I was very nervous before both shows and they could not have been more different. I am going to share my tips from my experience separately as the audience was different for both.  I have nothing much to compare it to as my only prior baby show experience was helping Baby Loves Shopping at the Parent & Baby Shows North and the London Baby and Toddler Show, both regional shows.

I thoroughly enjoyed the shows and I found some great retailers at the The Baby Show for Trade and had some great feedback at The Baby Show Earls Court.

Here are my tips!

Baby Show for Trade

  • Get lights, they maybe an additional cost but make your stand more welcoming.
  • Wear comfy shoes, no matter how many times I tell other people, its imperative!
  • Make sure your posters stick to the walls.  At the Baby Show for Trade my velcro didn’t stick.  A quick trip to Homebase and I brought non-permanent carpet tape which worked wonders,
  • Alchol wipes (from your first aid kit) took residue of the carpet tape off the stand walls!
  • Take way more business cards than you expect to give away.
  • Take the time to get to know the people around your stand.  I was lucky that I already knew some of mine from Twitter but I met some fabulous people.
  • Be prepared with a show discount, but if you have a new product then people should be drawn to you anyway, give yourself room for negotiation.
  • Be nice to the guys by the loading bay, my dad was joking with them when we dropped everything off and they let him pull up right outside the door when we were finished!  I was so thankful.
  • Professional dress.
  • Take a pen and write on the business cards who people were or you will never remember – I didn’t the first day!

Consumer Baby Show

  • After the issues with velcro and carpet tape at the Trade show, I hung the posters from hooks from the top of the stand.
  • Have a competition – its a good way to draw people to your stand.
  • Show your show discount – people are after a bargain.
  • Understand that not everyone is there to buy!
  • Get an idea of the other BIG stands, people do ask directions.
  • Branded t-shirts, people could see you even when you were walking about.
  • Be prepared to say the same thing 1000s of times!
  • Take some trade information, I found new stockists at this show too!
  • Understand that people will want to sell you things here. The funniest example was a guy who wanted to do a TV commercial about Tidy Trays and get me airtime for about £30,000 (yes 30,000!!!)

My Best Buys

  • Perforated leaflets for the consumer show – so people could enter a competition which is great for data collection.
  • Banner – £28 from eBay
  • My logistics box (a box full of stuff – blue tack, drawing pins etc etc)
  • A branded poster for a cupboard – I needed somewhere to “hide” all of my stuff so I took an Ikea tall cupboard, had the drawers facing the back of the stand and had a customised poster to fit on side that customers saw.  This gave me a branded cupboard at a fraction of the normal price. I had the poster designed by

What I would do differently

  • Show how much I was discounting the product at the consumer show – as I said before, and will say again, people want a bargain!

Time For Tots are sponsoring the Northampton Baby and Toddler Show

Time for Tots Northampton Baby and Toddler ShowWritten by Annabel from Special Occasion Events

Posted 1st November 2010

Special Occasion Events are delighted that Time for Tots ( are sponsoring the 3rd Northampton Baby & Toddler Show for the second year running on the 25th September 2011.  Time for Tots is a free, quarterly magazine and website for parents and carers of children from birth up to going to school.  With 16,000 copies being distributed across the County through health visitors, nursery schools, libraries, leisure centres, parks, play areas or toddler groups the partnership really helps us let local parents know about the Baby & Toddler Show.